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Permitting in Southern California


Any structure in your warehouse from shelves to pallet rack over 5’9″ requires a structural permit. Structural permits prove to the department of building and safety that your material is structurally able to support your product, particularly in the case of a seismic event. Furthermore, if you are looking to obtain a high-piled storage permit, these two often go hand in hand. If you plan on storing over 12′ on any sort of structure, you need both a structural and a high-piled storage permit.
Structural permits required the following:
  1. The structure must be installed by a licensed contractor within the parameters of the CBC, the CFC, the IBC, and various other national and local standards.
  2. A licensed and registered structural engineer must review the composition and structure of what you plan to build in your warehouse (i.e. pallet rack, storage shelves etc.). Then they must provide a wet stamp of approval on your plans, effectively assuming liability to the city that they deem your plans to be structurally sound.
  3. The plans must be submitted, reviewed, and approved by the city.
  4. An inspector must sign off on your facility, verifying the installation of your material according to your approved plans.
Our team at SNC has years of experience working with building and safety departments across the country, and we have a proven track record of getting companies permits cost effectively and expediently. Let us provide you with a turn-key solution to take care of all your permitting needs.
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Our Process


What is a high-piled storage permit? Whenever a warehouse stores product over 12′ (or in some cases 6′) the fire department requires you to have a ” high-piled storage permit”. This permit demonstrates to the fire department that your warehouse is adequately equipped to protect the product you are storing. If the fire department finds you do not have a high-piled storage permit, this can leave your business vulnerable to costly compliance citations and even the possibility of being shut down.

SNC Solutions not only has years of experience in acquiring permits, SNC has a perfect record; we have successfully acquired high-piled storage permit for every project we have ever submitted to a city.

Whether you’re ahead of the game, or you need us to step in and work with the fire department to avoid being shut down- we do it all. Give us a call and we can take care of the whole process on your behalf.

Our process works like this:

We come out to your site and survey all the features relevant to a high-piled storage permit. This includes fire risers, sprinkler systems, sprinkler heads, fire hydrants, PVI’s, DCDA’s, access doors, ingress doors, and smoke vents.

We let you know up front exactly what is required to become compliant. Sometimes just a high-piled storage analysis isn’t enough. There may be physical upgrades that need to occur in your building before you can store high-piled. We will let you know all these details on the front end.

Once you commission us to work on your behalf, the rest is easy. Our experts will create a high-piled storage plan for your facility, and we will work on your behalf with the city and the fire department to obtain a high-piled storage permit and deliver it to your facility.

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